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U13 Girls V U13 Boys Grudge Match

Make up on, hair gelled and clean clothes – that was just the boys. Sunday morning, 2nd March 11am and we all gathered in the Ballyman for a match called by the girls. Jack Corrigan and Danny Delaney got in touch with their feminine side and elected to go on the girls team. They both

Boys Fixtures 15-19 May


U9A 19/5 Home v Glencormac 10am Bog Meadow U10A 19/5 Home v Arklow Town A 10am Bog Meadow U10B 19/5 Away v Arklow Utd 11am Ferndale Park U12 19/5 Home v Arklow Town B 11.30am Ballyman

Boys Fixtures 8-12 May


U8 No game U9A 12/5 Home v Roundwood 10am Bog Meadow U9B 12/5 Away v Greystones E 1pm Woodlands U10A 12/5 Away v Wayside Celtic 10.15am Jackson Park astro(friendly) U10B No game U11 No game U12 12/5 Away v Wicklow Rovers B 9.45am Whitegates U13A No game U13B No game U14 No game U15 12/5

Boys Fixtures 1-5 May


U8 5/5 Away v Roundwood 11am Vartry Park U9A No game U9B 5/5 Home v Greystones B 10am Bog Meadow U10A 1/5 Away v St Anthony’s 6.30pm Finn Park 3/5 Away v Greystones A 6.30pm Woodlands(cup semi-final) U10B 1/5 Home v Arklow Utd 7pm Bog Meadow U11 No game U12 5/5 Away v St Fergals

Boys Fixtures 23-28 April


U8 28/4 Away v Avonmore 10am Tullylusk U9A 27/4 WDSL Blitz 11-1pm Arklow Town U9B 27/4 WDSL Blitz 11-1pm Arklow Town U10A 24/4 Away v Greystones A 6.30pm Woodlands 28/4 Home v Ardmore Rvrs A 12.15 Wayside Celtic astro U10B 23/4 Away v Roundwood 6.30pm Vartry Park 27/4(CUP) Away v Roundwood 11am Vartry Park U11

Boys Fixtures 15-21 April


U8 18/4 Home v Ardmore C 6.30pm Bog Meadow – match cancelled due to waterlogged pitch. 20/4 WDSL Blitz 11am Bog Meadow – cancelled as pitches waterlogged. U9A 21/4 Home v Ashford B 10am Bog Meadow U9B 21/4 Away v Ardmore C 11am St Killians U10A 17/4 Away v Greystones B 6.30pm Woodlands 20/4 Away

Boys Fixtures 10/13/14 April


U8 14/4 – cancelled U9A 14/4 – cancelled U9B 14/4 – cancelled U10A 10/4 Away v Ardmore A 6.30pm Ballywaltrim U10B(Cup) 14/4 – cancelled U11 14/4 – cancelled U12 No game U13A No game U13B 13/4 Home v Greystones B 11am Ballyman U14 14/4 – cancelled U15 14/4 – cancelled

Boys Scores 6/7 April


U8 RED Ashford Rovers 1 Enniskerry 2(Frankie Crossingham , O.G.) U9 GOLD Glencormac 0 Enniskerry A 5(Robbie Taylor x 2,Luke Keogh,Ryan Mullins, O.G,) U9 YELLOW Enniskerry B v Greystones D – game called off as Enniskerry could not field team. U10 PREMIER Enniskerry A 3(Tom Crossingham , Tom McGovern, Callum van den Bergh) St Anthony’s

Boys Fixtures 6/7 April


U8 7/4 Away v Ashford Rovers B 10am Ballinalea Park U9A 6/4 Away v Glencormac 11am Ryders Field U9B 7/4 Home v Greystones D 11am Bog Meadow U10A 7/4 Home v St Anthony’s 9.30am Bog Meadow 10/4 Away v Ardmore A 6.30pm Ballywaltrim U10B 7/4 Away v Wicklow Rovers B 10am Hockey Pitch U11 7/4

Boys Fixtures 23/24 March