FAI Code of Conduct for Parents


Everyone involved in children’s football needs to be aware of the fact that, whether they realise it or not, they’re “role models” to the children – and other adults! – involved in the game.

What that means is this. If your child expresses an interest and enthusiasm and enjoyment for the game, then you’ve suddenly got yourself a new responsibility: how to be the best pitch-side parent you can be.

For a lot of adults, their only experience of children’s sport comes from their own childhood. A lot of adults had a great time as children, playing GAA, soccer, rugby, hockey, Community Games and countless other sports. They will have had great role models of coaches who encouraged, nurtured, challenged and supported them as kids to be the best that they could be but without forgetting that kids are kids – and that fun should be at the heart of the game.

Unfortunately, some of us had woeful role models as children when it came to sport – loud, foul-mouthed bullies who were only in it for themselves, who didn’t care about the children’s enjoyment so long as the results, results, results went their team’s way.

Well, that was then, and this is now. We understand a lot better today about the role of the parents on the sidelines, and it’s not the foul-mouthed overbearing characteristic of the past. We want to encourage parents to take an active, lively and encouraging interest in their children’s sporting lives, but we also want parents to know that their are rules for them too – just as there are for the coaches, and for the children.

Some homes take a more liberal approach to colourful language, knowing that for them it can be part of ‘banter’ from Dad or Mum and that, in their household, and in their view, it’s seen as a bit of harmless fun. But whatever the approach at home, that has to be left at home. There is NO place for swearing in the company of children in Enniskerry FC.

So parents, check out the FAI’s Code of Conduct of Good Practice for Parents/Guardians, below. As a member of the Club you are bound by this document as you are bound by the overarching Club Code of Practice. It’s basically just common sense!

FAI Code of Conduct and Good Practice for Parents and Guardians