Enniskerry FC, message to club members! (Save the date for the EFC Soccer Blitz – August 13-16)

10 July 2020

Greetings members and friends of Enniskerry FC. We hope you are all keeping safe and well! 

Return to football
We hope everyone is enjoying being back at football. The changing of the restrictions to allow training matches was a significant step and it certainly has been great to see players back in action at the Bog Meadow and Ballyman. We continue to monitor the FAI for any new developments and we appreciate your continued cooperation in adhering to the safer return to football protocols.

Club event: Soccer Blitz

The club is planning a pre-season soccer event for mid-August.  We are still working out the details but it will be a Blitz type event to be held between August  13 – 16.
The event will be open to all and will be free to members.  You will hear more in due course but in the meantime save the date!

Club Shop and Enniskerry Kit
As you probably already know, football kit with the Enniskerry FC logo is available in the Club shop hosted at: https://enniskerry.victoryteamwear.ie/
We would encourage members to purchase team kit as it helps instill team pride and give a good impression when we play teams from other clubs.

 Stay in Touch
As always we welcome members inputs and would love if anyone would like to be involved in submitting the odd post or two. 
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/enniskerryfootballclub
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/enniskerry__fc/ 

Best wishes,
Enniskerry FC, Club Committee