Who’s the Club “Chairman”? And what does that person do?

Paul Kavanagh is the current Chairman of the Club.

The role of the Chairman in grassroots football – and all sports –  is significant and varied. As the ultimate leader of the Club the Chairman is a figurehead in the football and wider community, representing the Club with integrity and vision. The Chairman has to be able to inspire confidence in the leadership of the Club, and be able to particularly lead the Club Committee on whose shoulders rest the vast bulk of the week to week Club responsibilities. The Chairman also needs to be a diplomat, able to resolve conflicts in the club and able to deal with any external issues as well. Ultimately a club Chairman is represented for the respect that they hold in the football and local community.

The following is the list of recent Chairmen of the Club. We look forward to the day when the Club is lead by a Club Chairwoman, reflecting the changing nature and dynamics in club membership.

Q: Who is the Club Chairman responsible to?

A: The Main Committee

Q: Who is the Chairman responsible for?

A: The Main Committee

Q: What is the role of the Club Chairperson?

A: Chair the Committee meetings and AGM, sssist the secretary to produce the agendas, head the committee in making decisions for the benefit of the whole club including disciplinary matters and strategic planning.

Q: How much time does the Club Chairmen give to the job?

A: Several hours per month for meetings – but many more on a weekly basis in leading the club and dealing with issues.

Q: What sorts of tasks are involved?

A: Tasks include: Chair committee meetings/AGM; agree monthly agenda for committee meetings and the AGM

Q: What else is involved in the job?

A: As the Chair of the Club, it is essential that the Chairmen is a strong leader who can be objective.