Who’s the “Girls Fixture Secretary”? And what does that person do?

Barry Shankland is the current Girls’ Fixture Secretary of the Club.

The Girls’ Fixture Secretary represents the Club’s girls’ football teams.

Skills required include:

• listening

• writing

• accurate recording

• understanding the information

• checking for accuracy

A guide to Roles and Responsibilities for the Secretary

Q: Who is the Girls’ Fixture Secretary responsible to?

A: The Main Committee.

Q: Who is the Girls’ Fixture Secretary responsible for?

A: The coaches of the girls’ teams.

Q: What is the role of the Girls’ Fixture Secretary?

A: The main purpose of this job is that of liaising with the leagues and divisions in which the Club plays girls football teams. It involves representing the Club at monthly meetings of the league, and of liaising with Club coaches around the fixing and cancellation of matches.

Q: What sort of tasks are involved?

A: Tasks will include:

• Attending league meetings

• Reporting league views back to the Club.

• Dealing with correspondence from the leagues and forwarding to the Club Secretary where relevant

• Advising the Committee on all issues around the girls football teams.

• Representing the club at outside meetings at the direction of the main committee

Q: How much time does the Girls’ Fixture Secretary give to the job?

A: Approximately six hours each week and many of these will be at weekends and in the evenings.

 Q: What else can you tell me about the Girls’ Fixture Secretary‘s job?

A: The role of the Girls’ Fixture Secretary is one of the most important in the Club. It is very often under-appreciated the amount of work that is required in setting up one weekend of matches involving multiple clubs, sometimes involving cancellations or postponements for a variety of good reasons. It’s a critical role in ensuring that a club is well run.

The following is the list of recent Girls’ Fixture Secretaries of the Club.