Do the Club’s Coaches have to attend any Children’s Welfare awareness courses?

Yes they do.

All adults who have some form of unsupervised access to children are required under FAI (and club) rules to attend a 3 hour workshop called “Child Protection in Sport Awareness Workshop”.

“What’s the point of this?”

…I hear you ask? Well, it’s basically ‘common sense’, and there’s a good chance you’ll know most of what you hear already.

However it’s likely you’ll be surprised by some of the stuff you hear – the way that children ‘take’ what you say in a completely different way from the spirit in which you made the comment; the fact that language that in your family is understood as ‘banter’ could in fact be taken by a child from another family in a different way (and not as banter).

It just helps us to remember to see things from the children’s point of view – a view often neglected in sport – and it also is part of the required induction course for all new coaches joining the club.

“What if I don’t want to attend the course? I’ve already got a family of children and don’t need to be lectured to by someone on a workshop?”

Parenting skills don’t usually get discussed outside of close friends and family. However, once you choose to get involved in sport, how you interact and look after and listen to the children of other families in your care, then it does become a matter for the club to ensure that you are up to speed on in terms of looking after the children’s welfare. If you’re not prepared to attend the workshop then, unfortunately, the FAI and club rules mean that you are unable to coach children in the club.