If my child is injured is there any help towards physio?

The club’s personal accident insurance policy’s position on physio is that it is covered under the terms of the club insurance policy if the treatment has been certified in writing by a Doctor/GP as medically required in their professional opinion.

The policy provides up to €250 per player per year for this treatment, however a medical excess of €175 applies.

Before making a claim, please check that you have exhausted your own insurance policy.

So the maximum reimbursed by the insurance company would in fact be €75 (i.e. €250 max claim minus the €175 policy excess, leaving a balance of €75) assuming that €250 of physio receipts had been incurred on the written advice of your GP/Doctor.

If less than €175 is incurred then there would be no allowance/reimbursement made by the insurance company (as the policy excess is €175).

So, along with the completed accident notification form (see below) you would need to provide the club with a letter from the GP/medical practitioner certifying that the physiotherapy was medically required as a result of the injury, together with original receipts – normally all within 30 days of the date of the injury.

In relation to the medical expenses there is an excess of €175 although the cap is higher than the physio.

To submit a claim under the Club’s insurance policy:

  1. immediately email the Secretary club.secretary@enniskerryfc.ie for the accident notification form, on receipt from the Secretary complete it with as much detail as possible. The accident notification form must be submitted ASAP and no later than 30 days after the accident. Failure to do so could rule out the claim even being considered by the insurance company, regardless of the merits.
  2. collect your original physio receipts,
  3. collect any original medical expenses receipts, and
  4. obtain an original letter from your GP/doctor certifying that the physiotherapy was medically required as a result of the injury,
  5. Send the original documents by registered post to the Club Secretary (sending by registered post means you ensure that the documents won’t be lost); alternatively arrange to hand them over in person.

On receipt of all of the above, then the Club will submit your claim to the insurer. All of the above original documentation will be required.