What about away matches, how do I find out where the game is on?

Ask your coach and check out the website of the Away team you’re visiting, they’ll usually have something like what we have.

Please remember that your team manager/coach probably already has a LOT on his plate to get the right number of children to make a team, liaising with the other side, ensuring all the things are in place in the background that make a match take place each weekend. BEFORE you ask him or her about where this weekend’s Away match is being played PLEASE remember that you can check with some of the other parents as well, and in doing so by giving him one less job to do (explaining how to get there) you’re ensuring that your child’s coach is going to be one degree less stressed and busy then he might otherwise be! Give yourself a pat on the back! (Of course feel free to ask him anyway, just remember they’ve a lot on their plate!)