My child wears glasses. Do we need to get them Sports Prescription Glasses/Goggles?

Pro Player with Sports Goggles

Yes you do!

It’s a good question, and one easily overlooked (no pun intended).

Club Personal Accident Insurance Requirement

Our club personal accident insurance policy requires that all reasonable steps be taken to prevent injury. In the case of a boy or girl who needs to wear glasses, this means that they need to be fitted out with some funky Sports Prescription Glasses (also called goggles).

Do I really need to get these? Surely this is a bit over the top?

Fair question. It’s true that it’d be rare enough that you’d get a serious facial injury, but in football, perhaps more than other sports, the likelihood of a ball hitting a player’s face is actually pretty high (often enough in warm up sessions when kids might be messing around, as much as in a match). Most matches and training sessions there won’t be a problem.

The downside of a strike to the face with a ball, when you’re wearing glasses, is that the metal frame or glass lenses can quite likely break or shatter into the player’s eye, causing serious injury.

Also, referees for matches can often refuse to play players not wearing appropriate eyewear.

In that context, the cost of the Sports Prescription Glasses can seem good value.

We’re stretched as it is financially…

If the cost of purchasing the Sports Prescription Glasses will cause a serious strain on a family’s finances, please click the ‘Say Hello’ button on this website and email the Club Secretary, and we will look at seeing if there is any way that the Club can assist.