How do I register my child?

The current primary way to register your child is to come along to the 2 registration Saturdays that we hold at the end of August, i.e. at the start of each new season.

What do I bring with me?

Bring your child along so that we can meet them, and so they understand that they’re registering anew to join the Club.

Also bring with you your cheque book or cash to be able to pay the Club subscription.

Bring along a pen to complete the registration form!

Bring along some patience – we’re all volunteers and if there’s a lot of people and you’re in a rush we’ll try and process your registration as quickly as possible, but we’re not a commercial business!

Do you do online registration?

Not at present but we’re currently working with an online company to roll out online registration in the 2012/13 season. There’s a huge paperwork burden in the administration side of the Club and we want to reduce the paperwork burden while still maintaining accurate records.

Will I need to agree to any codes of conduct as part of the registration process?

Yes you will! A parent joins the Club on behalf of their child(ren), and in doing so agrees to abide by the Club Codes of Conduct, which you can read on the Children’s Welfare tab of this website.

It’s the middle of the season and I’ve missed registration, am I too late?

No! Click the tab on the website ‘Get in touch by email’, fill out the form and we’ll back to you sooner than you can say “Little-Billy-can’t-wait-to-join-the-Club!”