Is there financial support available towards registration fees?

The Club is acutely aware of the dire economic circumstances in the wider community since the collapse of the Celtic Tiger and the global economic implosion from 2008. The Club will never allow a family’s tough financial circumstances to prevent a child join and play football in the Club. Historically the Club has dealt with each application on a case by case basis, and we would strongly encourage you to contact the Secretary if you would like to discuss the joining fee in more detail.

Going forward, the Club is looking at the possibility of putting in place some form of Scholarship Programme to assist financially disadvantaged families. This is an idea at concept phase at the moment, however if the Committee run with it on a trial basis it would involve a reduction of the Club subscription fee in return for the parents offering some structured help and assistance over an agreed number of weekends.

If you’re interested in assisting the Club with setting up or contributing financially to such a Scholarship Scheme, please contact the Club Secretary.