Why do I have to pay for my child to play football?

Sometimes we get asked the question:

Why do I have to pay for my child to play football?

It’s a good question worth asking.

There are a number of different reasons.

Your child is joining a Club, not a class, and the Club has significant running costs that include:

  • insurance,
  • team registration fees for leagues,
  • appeal costs,
  • kit costs,
  • facilities upkeep and leasing,
  • coach training courses,
  • child protection / childrens’ welfare awareness training courses,
  • accountancy, legal, architecture fees,
  • and not forgetting…. footballs (we order a couple of hundred each year!).

By ensuring that all members pay, all children get the benefit of a well run club structure and a pathway to follow through the years.

You value what you pay for. The Club is not a child-minding service. Everyone involved has their own busy family, personal and professional lives. If you’re not prepared to pay for your child to receive good quality training and facilities, then you’re going to struggle to find a club that can adequately support your child’s journey through football.