What’s a “Committee Meeting”?

The Committee is a group of men and women elected by the members of the club to operate the club on a day to day and week to week basis throughout the year. Usually there are 8 members who include the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Girls Fixtures Secretary, Boys 9 a side Fixtures Secretary, Boys 11 a side Fixtures Secretary, plus two ordinary Committee members.

The Committee meets every month throughout the year, and are called together by the Secretary who circulates an agenda ahead of the meeting. The Chairman “chairs” the meeting and the Secretary takes notes (also called “minutes” as they ‘minute’ (or ‘take down in detail’) of what’s discussed and agreed.

Matters discussed at the Committee meeting include:

  • Apologies (Committee members who are unable to attend);
  • Child Protection Update (a general discussion around children’s welfare in the club)
  • Company Officers update
  • First Aid
  • Kit Update
  • Facilities Update
  • Fund-raising Update
  • Coaching Update
  • Any Other Business (“AOB”)

The Secretary then circulates the minutes of the meeting and, assuming everybody is happy that they are an accurate reflection of what was discussed at that meeting, the minutes will be “approved” as accurate at the next monthly Committee meeting. Why is this important? To ensure that there is clarity and transparency in the decision making process, especially given that the club is a community organisation, so that members of the club can have confidence in the way in which the club is run.

Usually the monthly Committee meeting last about 2 hours (if everything moves quickly). Discussion can be robust, and frank exchanges of views are encouraged as often Committee members can take differing views on a matter. As a Committee we try to ensure that once a matter has been discussed (the pros and cons of a particularly course of action), the view is unanimously endorsed by the Committee. Decisions of the Committee are exactly that: Committee decisions, and all Committee members stand behind the decision (even if their opinion may differ from the decision that the Committee eventually decided upon).

Committee members give up many hours each week (over and above any coaching commitment) and they do it because they love the game, love children playing sport, and are able to give back to the club the benefit of their skills!