How do I get removed from the All Club SMS/text notification list?

When you (on behalf of your child) join the club you complete a membership registration form, part of which involves giving the club your mobile number to enable us to communicate with you as and when needed. On the reverse of the membership registration form there’s a detailed opt-out box.

If you tick this opt-out box then you are telling the club that you do NOT want to be contacted by SMS/text about club events.

If you tick that box then we simply can’t keep you informed by SMS/text. So please, let us text you and don’t tick the box unless you REALLY don’t want to hear from us!

If you DID leave it unticked, and you’ve changed your mind (yes, it’s a democracy and you’re free to do so, no hard feelings!) and want to ‘opt out’ of SMS/text messages from the club, then on each and every text message there are TWO separate ways to unsubscribe/opt out.


  1. text back the word STOP; or
  2. click on the URL (web link) at the end of the SMS/text message, which will take you through to an automatic opt-out page.

Any questions on this just send the Secretary an email to