What is “Soccer in the Meadow”?

Belles photo

“Soccer in the Meadow” is the annual mixed Mini World Cup that the Club hosts on the second to last weekend of June each season. It’s our season finale, and is a great weekend where all the children in the Club – and plenty of children locally from outside the Club – get to play on a mixed team of small numbers (usually around 5 or 6 players), representing a particular country.

“Soccer in the Meadow” is played over a Saturday and a Sunday and is broken down into different age groups (e.g. U7, U9, U12, U14, U17), with all teams playing ‘Group’ matches and then ‘finals’ between the teams that are performing best on the weekend.

However, “Soccer in the Meadow” is NOT about winning. It’s about the children having FUN first and foremost, and everything about the weekend is geared towards achieving that end. It’s a huge undertaking that is steered by a sub-committee from the Club, with huge numbers of volunteers stepping up to help out on the day (in areas as diverse as: catering, toilet cleaning, refereeing, stewarding etc).

“Soccer in the Meadow” is a significant fund-raiser for the Club’s activities over the course of the next season. Given the costs involved in staging the event (which usually has around 400 children playing and several thousand spectators over the weekend) the Club gives local businesses the opportunities to sponsor a team or teams, with their names being displayed prominently on all the “Soccer in the Meadow” merchandise, i.e. tee-shirts, tournament brochures, large team billboards of key sponsors etc.