Message to Members regarding a Return to Training

11 June 2020
Earlier in the week, the FAI released their return to training protocol which followed the government’s easing of restrictions on participation in organised sporting activity after June 15th.  Like all clubs we welcome the announcement and it will be great to see kids back playing again!

Return to football protocols
Before we can return to training the club needs to carry out the required risk assessments and put in place the necessary actions to implement the FAI protocol and create a safe environment for all our players, coaches and parents. This work is well underway and over the past few days we have contacted our coaches to get their inputs and we are glad to report that they are eager to get back to football!

For the moment matches, including training matches, are not allowed so the coaches are working on coaching plans that will avoid close physical contact between players. There will also be a number of requirements from parents and players and we expect full cooperation to all required protocols. A Compliance Officer will be appointed to all training sessions to help keep us on the right path. We plan to start with the older kids first, and then integrate younger groups as coaches get familiar with training under the new protocols.

The club will be sending out more communications in due course and individual coaches will be in touch with their teams with regard to training times and venues as well as more details as to what is expected from parents and players.

Best wishes,
Enniskerry FC, Club Committee