Notice of Club AGM: Thursday 25 January 8.30 pm – Powerscourt Arms


To the Members of Enniskerry Football Club Limited

Dear Member,

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Enniskerry Football Club (the “Club”) will take place at the Powerscourt Arms, Enniskerry on Thursday 25 January 2018 at 8.30 p.m. All members of the club are welcome to attend.

We will be holding an informal social event immediately following the conclusion of the AGM.

Annual Report and Financial Statements

At the AGM your Committee will report to you with regard to the affairs of the Club since the last AGM and will present a Financial Statement with regard to the affairs of the Club. Please note that the minutes of the last AGM will be available to club members on written request by email to the Secretary David Miller on in the 28 days prior to the AGM taking place and hard copies will be available on the day of the AGM.

Only voting members (fully paid up registered members of the club, which means the parent of a registered child) are entitled to address the meeting, unless invited to do so by the Chairman.

Election of Officers and Committee Members

Club Board of Directors: Nomination & Rotation of Directors

  • The Club’s Board of Directors is comprised of the the Club’s Officers (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer), along with additional nominated Directors.
  • Club Officers serve a term of 2 years to be elected at the AGM and shall be Directors of the Company during their term of office. Officers are nominated by the Board and confirmed by the members in the AGM.
  • There are currently 5 Directors of the Club, namely Mark Crossingham (as Chairman), David Miller (as Secretary), Andrew Coulson (as Treasurer), Rowan Devereux and Jonathan Bennett. The minimum number of Directors under the Club’s Memorandum & Articles of Association is 3, and the maximum is 10. Nominated Directors serve a term of office of 2 years but may put themselves forward for re-election on the expiry of their 2 year term.
  • Mark Crossingham will concluding his tenure as club Chair, and accordingly a new club Chair will be elected.
  • The job of the Board of Directors includes formulating the vision and goals of the Club, approving financial plans, co-ordinating committees and teams in the Club, establishing good governance principles and practices, approving Club expenditures, setting annual membership subscription levels etc.
  • All sitting Directors and Officers were nominated and confirmed at the 2015/6 season AGM held in January 2017 and are therefore entering the second year of their 2 year term so a new (re-)election of officers will not be automatically required at the AGM.

Club Management Committee

  • The Club Management Committee of the Club is made up of the Officers (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer) and a number of other Committee members.
  • The job of the Club Management Committee includes making regulations in the Club, dealing with disciplinary issues, child protection and safety matters, administering, promoting and organisation the Club’s teams matches, training and coaching and organising coaching, amongst other matters.
  • Under the rules of the Club the following Committee places will require to be filled (current members are named in brackets). The Committee will be putting forward the the existing Committee members for re-election in their existing places.
    • Girls Secretary: (Jonathan Bennett)
    • Boys Secretary: (Mark Brandon)
    • Membership: (Derek Kavanagh)
    • Ordinary Committee Members: (Rowan Devereux, Keith Manning, Helen Finn, Mark Delaney)

Paul Van Den Bergh stepped back as a committee member at the end of the last season, and the club would like to thank Paul for his contribution to the committee and the running of the club.

The Club would very much welcome as new Committee members any energetic, committed club members keen to play a part in the growth of the Club. Please see nomination procedures below.

The procedure for nomination is as follows:

  • Any ordinary Club member may be nominated for all or any of the Offices of the Club (other than Chairman) and/or for any of the Committee Membership places (they may be elected to only one of these positions).
  • Any nominations must be in writing, signed by a proposer (someone proposing the nomination) and a seconder (someone seconding the proposed nomination) (both of whom must be existing club members) and also by the candidate consenting to serve (if elected). This should be sent either as a scanned PDF by email to the Secretary
  • The deadline for nomination is 10 days prior to the AGM.
  • An email receipt from the Secretary must be received for the nomination to be considered valid.

Election Procedure

The procedure for nomination is as follows:

  • Elections will take place for the office of Chairman (current office-holder: Mark Crossingham), and thereafter for the Committee membership places should there be sufficient nominations for such received and likewise for Nominated Directorships.
  • Any person elected to any Officer will be deemed to have withdrawn his or her nomination for an other Officer or Committee Membership the election for which is to take place after their election to such office.

I hope that you are able to attend and I look forward to seeing you there.

Yours sincerely,

David Miller


Enniskerry Football Club

Registered Address: West Lodge, Annacrevy, Enniskerry, Co Wicklow

Notice is hereby given that the season 2016/17 Annual General Meeting of Enniskerry Football Club Limited will be held in the Powerscourt Arms, Enniskerry, Co Wicklow on Thursday 26 January 2018 at 8.:30 p.m., for the following purposes:

  1. Opening & Agenda
  2. Apologies
  3. To approve the minutes of the previous AGM
  4. Officers’ reports
  5. To receive and approve the Annual Accounts duly audited
  6. Election of Officers: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, if appropriate
  7. To elect or re-elect the Directors, if appropriate
  8. To confirm the appointment of Auditors
  9. To decide on any resolution which may have been submitted to the meeting in accordance with the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the club
  10. To notify members of any new members of the Company
  11. To transact any other business of which due notice has been given

All members of the club welcome.

Date of Notice: 5 January 2018AGM