We are delighted to announce that ONLINE REGISTRATION for the 2018/19 (Sept 2018-August 2019) Season is now OPEN.

We will keep registration open to the end of August after which all children should be registered.

Most teams will return to training towards the end of August, start of September, if not before. Your child’s coach will be in touch with you when they intend to return to train.

How to Register and Pay Online for Enniskerry FC membership, camps, events

Click here to register and pay for Enniskerry FC’s 2018/19 Club Membership

If you were a member last year then simply click the Enrol Here button below and login with your email and password used last time.

If you haven’t registered with the Club before, please follow the instructions below.

1. Create an account with easypaymentsplus (who are the company handling our online registration)

2. Input your details and those of your children who are eligible to play

3. Select the Fee that you want to register each child for, and if you want to pay in 4 equal instalments over 4 months, or pay in 1 go. Please note that there is a Sibling Discount that will automatically recalculate a lower price for second, third and fourth etc children in a family being registered.

4. Pay for Membership

A massive plus to this is that once you’re registered the details of you and your children, the NEXT time you want to pay for a club event, membership, it’ll only take you a few minutes, and your info will all there for you (and won’t require inputting again!).

How to Register and Pay Online for Enniskerry FC membership, camps, events

Click here to register and pay for Enniskerry FC’s 2018/19 Club Membership

Enrol Here

Note that the Sibling Discount is only calculated by the system if and when the children are registered at the same time. If for any reason you register them at different times / days, the system won’t automatically give you the Sibling Discount. In that event, please register and pay for the kids, and then email the Membership Secretary Derek Kavanagh on to say you’ve done so and we’ll arrange to refund you the Sibling Discount to your card.

Freeze on Club Subscription

After careful consideration and detailed review of the club’s operational costs the Club Committee and Directors have decided to freeze the subscription to the Club for the 2018/19 season.

The overall costs for running the Club over a 12 month period are approximately €45k-50K.

Most of the running costs are covered by the membership subscriptions.

The difference between subscription income and the overall costs of the club have to be covered by fund raising, one off donations and miscellaneous revenue generating ideas.

For the 2018/19 season therefore:

  • The season membership subscription will remain at €180 for the first child in the family
  • An automatic Sibling Discount will be applied for subsequent children in the family registering, i.e. €120 per child for subsequent children
  • The U6 Academy remains at €80.
  • There is the option to make monthly instalments in 4 equal monthly instalments.

Football For All

The Club motto is ‘Football for All’. The Club wants as always to ensure that all children are able to play, regardless of financial circumstances. If you’d like to discuss any payment options or discounts in this regard then in strictest confidence please email the Club Secretary David Miller by clicking the ‘Say Hello’ tab at the top right of this website/screen on the club website.

Please note that only children who are registered members are allowed to play for and train in the Club.  Likewise the Club’s personal accident policy only extends coverage to registered members.


There are 3 Fees to choose from depending on the age of the player.

  1. U7s – U18s BOYS & GIRLS Years of Birth 2000 – June 2013 : Registration for 2018/19 Season, €180 pp for first child in the family, Sibling Discount (reduction of €60) automatically applied to subsequent children i.e. €120 for 2dn, 3rd, 4th etc children
  2. UNDER 6 ACADEMY (girls and boys born July 2013 to December 2013 and 2014, who pay a reduced rate of €80)
  3. OVER 35s MENS 5 a SIDE

NB: registration & payment for Club Membership for this season will only be accepted online (no cash, no cheques)

A Handy Online Guide

We’ve also prepared a Handy Online Guide to the process if you get stuck for any reason:

How to Register and Pay Online for Enniskerry FC membership, camps, events

Please remember by registering you are agreeing for yourself, and on behalf of your child/children, to abide by the Club’s rules and codes of Practice, all of which can be accessed on the Club website:

Club Code of Practice

FAI Code of Practice for Parents