Support for the annual Belles in the Meadow (one of Ireland’s most popular ALL GIRLS soccer tournaments that takes place around Easter, open to teams from around the country) and our Soccer In The Meadow (‘SITM’) football tournament that takes place on the final weekend in June every year, 2012 was the 10th year that has hosted the tournament, with over 400 boys and girls from 4 to 17 participating.

Both of these events are absolutely critical participation initatives, which showcase sport as a fun community based recreational activity, and which are one of the best ways we have to recruit children and key target groups into the Club per the Wicklow Local Sports Partnership’s Strategic Plan 2010-2013.

Both Belles in the Meadow and Soccer in the Meadow make significant contributions to the quality of life in the community of Enniskerry and north Wicklow, creating a community driven surge of volunteers, enabling the Club – and the wider community – to embrace children and families from all socio-economic, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Enniskerry Football Club strives to make all children and families welcome, and invests significant voluntary club resources into the fulfilment of these Club deliverables. Significant good will is invested in the club both from the wider community as well as in partnership with other sporting organisations in the Enniskerry area.

As coaches participate on a voluntary basis, there is a significant unaccounted for voluntary contribution made by coaches who purchase cones, bibs, footballs, bags etc so that the children have adequate training equipment etc.

It brings together cooperation between the other community groups in the area, e.g. community games (scheduled not to clash with county finals where possible), GAA (no competitions on this weekend, Wicklow Schoolboys/girls League (movement of dates so as not to clash with presentations).

It also brings over 1000 people to the village of Enniskerry during the events, which helps to boost the trade for all the village businesses, who have complimented the Club on how this has helped their business on these weekends. They are also very supportive of the Club during the year.