U11 win first home game

Girls U11

It was cloudy but warm when the girls walked onto the Bog Meadow for their homegame against local rivals Greystones.

For the first homegame the expectations were very high after the convincing draw away at Dalkey United.

The first half was delayed a bit because of bad pitch preparation by the new coach… it didn’t distract the girls from the task at hand though. As center forward Emmee quickly made it 1-0 after some lovely play by newbie Niamh (who played a great game!).

The second goal followed quickly when a corner aimed at Amelia was worked into the goal by the goalie herself. There were more chances for Enniskerry in the first half but none went in. At the other end of the pitch there was some great defending by Lizzy and – back from an injury – Anna M.

At the end of the first half it was still a comfortable 2-0, but that changed quickly in the second half. Within a couple of minutes Greystones marked twice and the score was equal again.

Fortunately Anastasia was having none of that and singlehandedly conquered the ball and scored to put Enniskerry ahead once more.

The next few minutes it was only due to some great goalkeeping by Lily that Greystones didn’t equalize again. In the closing minutes Anabel cleared the ball after a corner and Emmee crossed the entire pitch to make it 4-2.

After the game there were Micha-flips for all, for the great performance!!!